Like riding a futuristic bike!
B.C Bike's crowdfunding campaign is out – and we invite you
to take a look at a wonderful business opportunity

with a huge potential growth


 We’ve finished building the prototype for the new OYO 5.0 bike – the first hybrid bike in the world.
The OYO model has a unique hydraulic ignition system supported by an electric mechanism. The bike is chain-free and provide a seamless gear shifting! These new revolutionary features bring to market a new riding experience, never to be seen before.  We believe our bike is about to change the bike market for good, and therefore we address our crowd and offer them to become our investors. You are the first cycle (no pan intended) of believers. 
So we launched an equity-crowdfunding campaign via Fundit (Israel’s biggest equity crowdfunding platform) and we invite you to be a part of this success and see potential revenues in the upcoming few years!
Join prof. Dan Arieli and other investors that already spotted the huge potential and invest in BC Bike
Watch the video and join out bike revolution now >>>